COVID Baking That Became a Staple



COVID Baking That Became a Staple


I had been baking sourdough bread even before COVID and lost interest in it fairly quickly. Of course, during lockdown I went back to it: cultivated a new starter, researched more on the internet, got a Dutch oven for baking. The breads that I learned to make were pretty amazing. And yet, it's not a thing I continued to do. Such a hassle! And, if you think about it, quite wasteful, because you're constantly throwing out starter that you have kept feeding with flour. I have finally decided for myself that I leave sourdough baking to professional bakers that operate at a sustainable scale.

But the one bread I learned to make during the pandemic are Easter breads. My recipe is half Greek, half German inspired. Sometimes, I put raisins, or chocolate, or candied orange peel, or nuts in the bread. Sometimes I flavor it with vanilla, orange, or fennel. I learned how to braid the bread on Youtube. And I keep going back to the recipe quite a lot--not just for Easter.

Bottom line: this is the one thing I learned to make during Covid that I make all the time now. I don't even need to look at the recipe any more. Here's a picture of the breads I made for Eastern 2022. This time flavored with original Greek mastic resin.



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