Greek Easter for Seven



Greek Easter for Seven
Greek Easter for Seven


As per the stereotype, Greek families are large and loud, which makes gatherings of Greek families larger and louder. Easter is no exception to that. Typically, the majority of my family fasts from either meat or dairy (or both) as we prepare for the big celebration which is Greek Easter, going to church at least once a week for the special lenten services. The two weeks leading up were filled with multiplied church visits and my mom and aunts spending most of their days preparing baked goods like kalitsounies (small cheese or spinach pies). Easter is so important to us that every year, my church offered permission slips to the youth to skip school for our all-day Good Friday retreat. On the nights of Good Friday and Holy Saturday, our church is packed to the brim with worshippers. Then Saturday, after we sing Christos Anesti (Christ has risen), we go home and eat the meat we were kept from eating for the past 47 days. Sunday would be a huge feast, with lamb roasting on the spit and every Greek dish imaginable in sight. We would typically host 30-50 people on Easter Sundays. It was truly a beautiful sight to see, which made last year's Easter even more depressing. We were all so sad about quarantine anyways that we didn't find the extra stress of fasting necessary. In-person service was not an option. We watched a handful of live streams from the church, but they just reminded us of what we were missing out on. We watched the last 20 minutes of the Holy Saturday live stream to sing our Christos Anesti, but not feast after. Easter Sunday was just my parents, my two siblings, and my brother's wife and baby. No need for lamb on the spit (which was absolutely heartbreaking for me, considering that's my favorite part of our Easter), no need for weeks of prepared baked goods. It was just another day in quarantine. Hands down the worst Easter and saddest I've ever experienced. Easter 2020 was nothing like I had ever seen, and I'm hopeful that I'll never have to go through that again.



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April 22nd, 2021

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