Quarantine Created Family Time



Quarantine Created Family Time
Quarantine Created Family Time


When the pandemic first started, I was sent home from Ohio State's dorms to live with my parents. All of my classes were switched to an online format. My parent's jobs were also switched to being conducted online. My two younger sisters, ages 16 and 14 at the time, had their schooling switched to online learning as well. Our family farm is in rural Ohio, which has very limited internet access. We are lucky enough to have a strong enough signal (thanks to living on a hill) to stream videos, which was very important for my entire family reliance on it for our schooling and jobs. However, we could only run a few devices at a time. My mom and dad both constantly had to have their videos running, so my sisters and I had to be careful when we used the internet, only connecting when absolutely necessary for class. It sometimes got to the point that all of our devices had to be disconnected because it would pull to much of the bandwidth. And of course, cell phone signal is basically non-existent, so I was reading a lot of books or doodling for most of the day. One sunny afternoon, after being tired of having nothing to do for days on end, I grabbed my sisters and we went down to our lake to go fishing. It is not a very big lake, but we were able to spread out enough that we all just sat in peace. When my parents finished working, they also came down and fished. We stayed down there fishing for hours, catching enough to last our family for a couple meals. We ended up doing this same thing many times during our quarantine period. It was a great way to have family bonding, as well as getting the chance to forget for a minute that the world was in such a crazy state.



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