Jackie's Buffalo Wings


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Jackie's Buffalo Wings
Jackie's Buffalo Wings


12-15 chicken wing breasts
half a bottle of Frank's Hot Sauce
5 cloves of garlic
stick of butter


1. season all wings with the salt and pepper, making sure that every wing is seasoned on every side.
2. Air fry all the wings at 380 degrees for 12 minutes(NOTE: most air fryers will have a warm-up period before putting the food into the fryer, wait for the air fryer to reach it's desired temperature before putting wings in).
3. As they heat, prepare the butter, cloves of garlic and hot sauce by putting all three ingredients in a sauce pan, simmering the ingredients together for about 5 minutes.
4. Once the wings have completed frying, take the wings out of the fryer and put the wings into a bowl or Tupperware. From here, add in the prepared sauce, mixing the sauce with all the wings.
5. Toss the wings with the hot sauce, getting each wing as fully covered with hot sauce as possible. Do this part over the sink, as it can get messy.
6. Enjoy!


3-4 people




Columbus, Ohio, USA


This is a recipe that my mom has taught me during quarantine. This recipe is a family favorite, and my mom has honed her recipe over years of Bears Games and summer nights outside. This recipe evokes nostalgia for me, I picture eating these wings with my family on a warm Sunday evening, usually long after the Bears have blown the game. Because I live a cool 300 miles from home while at school, this is a recipe that I will make for my roommates and I to bring my family a little closer when I'm at school.