During quarantine, while staying in, I began to watch a lot more food/cooking-related youtube videos. I enjoyed cooking before quarantine, but this exploration allowed me to learn more about a lot of different food cultures I had no previous exposure to. One of the things that I knew many people were exploring was fermentation, or at least making sourdough bread. I had been learning more about Korean food culture and knew that a big part of Korean cuisine isfermented vegetables, and that one of the most significant is napa cabbage kimchi. I decided to explore this and made some of my own kimchi. It was really fun to go through the process of making it and observe how the flavors changed over the course of the fermentation. it also allowed me to immerse myself more in Korean culture and play around with making Korean-inspired food. I now keep kimchi in the fridge to make food with and make some more when my supply runs low.



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