From Box to Scratch



From Box to Scratch
From Box to Scratch


I know a lot of people have used their time indoors during quarantine to learn how to bake, and I was no exception to this. For as long as I remember, anytime I baked it was something from a pre-packaged box: a pre-mixed combination of dry ingredients to which I was usually only required to add milk, eggs, and oil to, and then stick in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes before pulling it out and enjoying. During quarantine, I started to binge-watch baking recipe tutorials on YouTube. One of the channels I frequently watched (and still do watch) was “Preppy Kitchen.” The Youtuber and home chef John Kannel teaches you how to make an abundance of decadent deserts, anything from peanut butter cookies, to flan, to a full-on wedding cake. I watched him and so many other baking channels and eventually decided to try out some of the recipes for myself. One of my proudest accomplishments was making homemade cinnamon rolls completely from scratch- I made the dough, the filling, and the topping with no help from a pre-mixed box. I became somewhat obsessed with baking and made countless other deserts from scratch, including fluffy sweetened and condensed milk bread, different flavored birthday cakes, and some pretty stellar chocolate chip & walnut banana bread. My family and friends would request for me to re-make certain recipes that they particularly enjoyed, and I happily obliged, feeling a sense of delight and pride that something I made was so enjoyed by the people I love.



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