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Tik Tok Connoisseur
Tik Tok Connoisseur


Over quarantine, my sisters and I relished in making drinks and recipes we saw on Tik Tok. Each day we would all wake up presenting each other with new fun and creative ideas that would be useful in the kitchen. This activity made the time pass by faster than I could ever imagine, and it brought my sisters and I closer than ever before. We made whipped coffee, apple nachos, beer pasta, s'mores dip, mug cakes and so much more. We expanded our usual family meals and tried a new thing everyday. This was honestly such a learning experience and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. You never know unless you try. Now, I often find myself excited rather than nervous to try new things. Go find a new recipe out of your comfort zone; you won't regret it.



Date Created

March 18, 2021

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Chicago, Illinois